Footwear, Bag and leather product



With the improvement of living standards, people are having higher standards on fashion goods, such as footwear, bags & luggage and paying more attention on the health and environments besides on their comfort and style. Complying with this trend, countries or regions all over the world successively launch environmental protection laws and regulations, which have strict control on toxic and hazardous chemicals in the raw materials and its products, such as the USA CPSIA , California 65 Act, EU Reach Rule , Ecolabel Footwear 2009/563/EC , and National Children’s Footwear Safety and Technical Regulations GB30585, Restrictions of Hazardous Materials in Leather and Fur , GB20400, and Restrictions of Hazardous Materials in PVC Artificial Leather, GB21550 etc.

The main testing services include:

Abrasion resistance

Peeling strength / Adhesive strength / Shear strength

Flexing resistance

Footwear-General test methods-Flexing resistance



Heavy metal

N-nitrosamines content

Dimethyl fumarate

Polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbons

Tensile strength and percentage extension

Shanks for footwear