Textile Intusty



The concept of ecological textiles has become increasingly popular. For consumer goods such as Garment, consumers not only want comfort and safety, but also expect that the whole supply chain can ensure the public health and safety.  Correspondingly, QIT Testing provides comprehensive testing services to every link of textile supply chain, covering the test items of restricted substances, fiber analysis, color fastness, flammability and performance analysis etc. to ensure both the product usability and regulatory requirements, and improve the added value of the products. In addition to testing and inspection service, QIT provides various training and holds seminars on textile technology, product standards, basic knowledge and labels etc. to share the latest information on technical and testing standards with its customers.

The main testing services include:

Oeko-Tex Standard

Requirements of European Textile and Apparel

Requirements of American Textile and Apparel

Requirements of China Textile and Apparel