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The Excellent Staff Selection Activity of QIT Testing was held successfully

The Excellent Staff Selection Activity of QIT Testing was held successfully

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2019/01/03 14:14
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In order to carry forward the enterprise spirit and sense of vocation, to show excellent staff and advanced team spirit, to establish the sense of ownership, to build a good work atmosphere of "everyone strive for advanced, everything for the company".  QIT Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd held the Excellent Staff Selection Activity at noon from December 28th to 29th. General Manager Fan Jianmei, executive deputy general manager Liu Xiaojun, all department managers and staff attended the selection meeting.



These excellent staff has been recognized by everyone regardless of their working attitude or ability. There are senior staffs love job and unselfishly dedicated to work and also there are passionate new staffs, full of vitality. There are sales staffs in the vanguard of business affairs and there are customer service staffs and laboratory staff in their ordinary work positions quietly struggle without complains. Although the job and duties are different, all people are using their own practical action to interpret the infinite enthusiasm for work. It is because of their excellent performance, our company has a better and better future.

Company News

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The Excellent Staff Selection Activity of QIT Testing was held successfully
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