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Customer service specialist


Number of people required: 2 people


Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Have a certain textile knowledge and English foundation;
3. Good responsiveness, verbal and communication skills;
4. Has strong promotion and maintenance capabilities, can coordinate customers, and be familiar with customer service processes;
5. Have strong learning ability, can quickly master professional knowledge, and work in time;
6. Diligent and pragmatic, good service awareness and teamwork spirit.
Main work content:
1. Understand customer service demand information, conduct effective tracking, and do pre-sales, after-sales guidance and service work;
2. Skilled in using company products to answer customer questions and implement problems;
3. Cooperate closely with relevant departments to coordinate communication;
4. Maintain customer relationships.

Textile inspection technician


Number of people required2 people


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above in textile related major;
2. Have more than 1 year relevant working experience in textile testing;
3. Be careful and meticulous, have strong learning ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.


Job requirements:
1. Responsible for the market sales of clothing, fabrics, shoes, toys and other products testing, according to the annual sales tasks to break down the tasks, execute and achieve the established sales targets;
2. Execute the company's various market activities, and cooperate with the marketing team to cooperate with the marketing department for promotion activities;
3. Develop and maintain customers and conduct effective management and tracking to expand new sales opportunities in existing and new markets;
4. Collect market information, focus on competitors and market development trends, and further expand new business;
5. Guide customers to conduct tentative inspections, give reasonable suggestions for testing projects, and guide the filling of orders and inspections, pay attention to customer order inspection progress and report issuance; facilitate the signing and control of long-term cooperation agreements for potential customers. Risk of payment, timely recovery of test accounts.

Chemical test engineer


Number of people required: 1 person


Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, etc.
2. Third-party laboratory experience is preferred;
3, familiar with organic or inorganic testing (at least one category), familiar with F963, EN71-3 and other external standards are preferred;
4, cheerful personality, careful and meticulous work, strong learning ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
Main work content:
Responsible for chemical testing of textiles, leather, footwear and other products
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